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Console and arcade emulation offers more than 33 consoles, arcade kiosks and computer emulated.


Each of these categories contains precise information on the support, emulators for the main gaming platforms (windows / dos / linux / mac os etc.) as well as a large amount of rom.

It's up to you to choose the best combination to get you started on the great adventure of retrogaming!

Editorial Selection:

We recommend you, if you start in emulation or if you are a novice in the matter, the following titles. Here are some essentials that you must try because they have clearly marked their era and many players.

  • The Mario and Zelda collections at Nintendo (nes, snes and N64)
  • The Sonic collection at Sega (megadrive / génésis and master system)
  • The Street Fighter on Super Nintendo but especially (graphically prettier) on CPS (Capcom System, the arcade coffee bollards)
  • Shoot'em up on CPS, especially those of the "Cave" editors: Dodonpachi, 1942 ...

Living room console

Handled console


Arcade system