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Our site is dedicated to the emulation of video games on console, arcade and microcomputer. We have become over the years a showcase / a museum of our past video game.

All console, micro computer and arcade holders that have influenced the world of modern video games are present on Emurom.
The consoles of Nintendo, Sega, Sony, the terminals of capcom or even oldies band computers that some of us had the chance to hold in their hands. All are in our database catalog!
These playful objects are not eternal and it seems to us necessary to archive this common heritage on sustainable digital medium, it is the first vocation of our existence.
The current and future generations will have the opportunity to discover or rediscover these masterpieces from another time through computer emulation.


Our database is complete over the years with more precise information on the support and games we have archived. (complete console history, detailed hardware specifications, game and console images)
To facilitate your experience in emulation, we offer the best emulators available. Emulators are programs whose function is to imitate the hardware perfectly (for example a Z80 processor ...) in order to make a game work.
These games are "dumped" by enthusiasts since the original media in the form of a binary file called ROM and made available to the community to retrogam that we are!
Our catalog of games (ROMs) for each of these consoles is enriched to immerse you in the context of time. We put at your disposal all the resources we have collected: game jackets, screenshots, images of the media, information and game summaries.


Download a game and an emulator of your choice to get started in computer retrogaming!

Good Game with


More Javascript emulators

The javascript emulators continue to be integrated into the site, and it is now possible to play online, in addition to the nes, on:

  • Gameboy
  • Gameboy Advance
  • Gameboy Color
  • Super Nintendo
  • Master System
  • Genesis
  • Lynx

You should try Sonic on master system ;-)

Play games on your browser !

It is already several years since we do not propose any option of emulation on line, following the abandonment of the plugins java by major browser.

We now rely on the power of javascript to run the roms available on the site.

Do you wish a Zelda run ? ;-)

299 N64 Roms Added

We've uploaded 299 more n64 Roms and the set is now almost complete in EU, US and JAP.

There is now 500 ROMs in N64 category !

Download'em from here

Commodore 64 is out !

micro computer Commodore 64

Commodore 64 micro-computer is out on emurom with 10 emulators and nearly 25000 tape or cartridge archived !

Get it now

follow link!

Fixed broken link :S

We broke rom and emulator link in new us language website version.

This is now fixed !

Enjoy !

Random emulator