This site is dedicated to video games emulation.

All consoles that were all the rage in their time are processed on Emurom , whether consoles Nintendo, Sega or well Sony or any other oldies as well some of us have had the chance to hold them in their hands ....

However, these playthings are not eternal and comes a point where they no longer work and regret sometimes takes us by the throat no longer able to play any particular game that has rocked our childhood .

do not panic! Emulation come to restore your smile and help you relive those moments that you thought lost forever !

Your favorite games are pampered on emurom with each of them through a comprehensive review of historical complete, detailed hardware specifications, pictures of our beautiful work of art worthy : p

You will find the best emulators available , designed to perfectly imitate the good old chips (such as the Z80 ... ) that permeated the console / terminal / computer , and games that accompanied the form Roma ( binaries / exact copy of the support hardware game / cartridge / pcb ) .

game catalog ( Roma ) of each of these consoles is presented with maximum detail, such as screen shots and summaries of these games. You can choose to download them to play on your computer, or to play online if this option is available for the game you chose.

less computer specialists , the impatient, ( most lazy ?) , I suggest you not to touch anything of these emulators and roms and simply use our online system emulation or simply click on the " play Online " on the desired game .

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We broke rom and emulator link in new us language website version.

This is now fixed !

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Welcome to in English. It's an early version of this website but it's here now !

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Mario Frustration

A "little" video about a funny mario's mod, Super Mario Forver. ;)

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