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Astrosmash (1981) (Mattel).zip 4.30 KB Intellivision
Shooter Mattel / 1981 1 Controller Cartridge 03/06/2006 02/05/2024 2410 times

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jeu Astrosmash
Note : 3.55 / - 11 vote(s)

About game

Game Mechanics

The game takes back game elementsAsteroids and Space Invaders. The player directs a laser cannon that it can move on a line throughout the bottom of the screen, representing the ground. He has to shoot to defend himself from a flood of meteorites, towering bombs and teleguided missiles caused by UFOs. The meteorites are different sizes. The little ones are destroyed by a laser shot. The large ones can be destroyed at first stroke or split into two small ones, which continue to fall to the ground. The laser cannon is destroyed if it is affected by a meteorite or a missile or a whirlpool bomb touches the ground.


Image n° 1 - box : Astrosmash Image n° 2 - carts : Astrosmash Image n° 3 - cartstop : Astrosmash Image n° 4 - screenshots : Astrosmash Image n° 5 - titles : Astrosmash

Emulation Intellivision

  • Type : Computer
  • Manufacturer : Mattel
  • Media : Cartridge
  • Emulators count : 30
  • ROMs count : 236
  • BIOS count : 4
Emulation : Intellivision

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