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Pokemon - Gold Version

File information 734.96 KB Gameboy Color
Role-Playing Nintendo / Creatures, Inc. 2000 1 - 2 Controller Cartridge 13/02/2013 01/05/2024 40880 times

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jeu Pokemon - Gold Version
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About game

Pokémon Gold takes place several years after Red, Blue and Yellow, and puts the user into a brand new world, Johto. The gameplay is very similar to the previous games, but with several improvements. These include new functions for the player's PokéGear, a Pokédex that can now be sorted by evolution type, and, of course, new Pokémon. Once again, the objective of the game is to become the champion trainer, and try to complete the Pokédex. To become the champion, the player battles Gym Leaders to obtain various badges. Completing the Pokédex requires a different set of actions, and involves capturing wild Pokémon, battling various trainers to obtain money, and trading Pokémon with NPC's and other owners of Pokémon games.

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