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Pokemon Version Rouge Feu

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Pokemon - Version Rouge Feu (F).zip 5.07 MB Gameboy Advance
Role Playing Game 2004 1 Controller Cartridge 20/08/2019 02/11/2022 211032 times

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jeu Pokemon Version Rouge Feu
Note : 3.88 / - 338 vote(s)

About game

A new adventure full of mysteries awaits you in the game role pokémon red version fire on gameboy advance. ! the region of kanto holds many trials and only the true pokémon trainers can overcome them all! catch and build up a maximum of pocket monsters then receive the recognition of the pokémon league by confronting the dreadful team rocket alone.


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Emulation Gameboy Advance

  • Type : Handled console
  • Manufacturer : Nintendo
  • Media : Cartridge
  • Emulators count : 6
  • ROMs count : 2011
  • BIOS count : 0
Emulation : Gameboy Advance

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