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Legend of Zelda, The

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Action Nintendo 1986 1 Controller Cartridge 03/06/2006 02/11/2022 21302 times

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jeu Legend of Zelda, The
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The Legend of Zelda is the first game to use a backup system included in its cartridge.

If its scenario remains linear, freedom of movement is important. The player can walk in the world of the game as he likes, without following the linear path imposed by the platform games of the time.

Indeed, unlike those who adopted a lateral point of view, the action of The Legend of Zelda is seen from high, which allows the protagonist to exploit both vertical and horizontal directions for his movements. This exploration pleasure will be for many in the success of the long series of The Legend of Zelda games.


The Prince of Darkness, Ganon, seized the FORCE fragment of the Triforce.

Desiring to gather the three pieces of Triforce necessary for its full power, the evil being pursued its quest in the world of Hyrule in search of the other fragments.

The Princess Zelda, who owned the SAGESSE fragment of the Triforce, feared that the evil being would take hold of it and she divised her Triforce in eight pieces that she concealed in all corners of the country of Hyrule.

She was then, as she feared, captured by Ganon.

Impa, Zelda's nurse, was almost captured as well but was saved in time by Link. She told her the whole story.

Link, thirsty for justice, decided to gather the pieces of the fragment SAGESSE in order to open a passage to the Mountain of Death to find Ganon, defeat him and save Princess Zelda, a prisoner.

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