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Tweety and the magic gems

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Tweety and the Magic Gems (E).zip 1.37 Mo Gameboy Advance
Puzzle-Game 0000 1 Manette Cartouche 45 fois

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jeu Tweety and the magic gems

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Synopsis de la rom

Thanks to a run-in with a cursed treasure chest, tweety bird has contracted a petrification curse. to cure him, granny needs to form an antidote from five different magical gems, each of which is located in a different area of the world. oddly enough, instead of pooling their resources, bugs, daffy, sylvester, and the rest of the looney tunes gang decide to compete against one another to collect the gems. on a massive game board, the player and up to three opponents (cpu or human) can assume the roles of these beloved characters and battle it out for the right to save tweety.


screenshot n° 1 : Tweety and the magic gems

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