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Ace lightning

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Ace Lightning (E).zip 1.85 Mo Gameboy Advance
Tir 2002 1 Manette Cartouche 20/08/2019 12/04/2021 397 fois

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jeu Ace lightning
Note : 3.45 / - 11 vote(s)

A propos du jeu

This gba version of ace lightning is based on the bbc tv show of the same name which is a mixture of cgi and live action. it first plays from an overhead view of an amusement park where you can enter open doors which lead to 12 different themed worlds. each world is a 2d side-scrolling platformer, where you face different enemies and end-level bosses all in your quest to find the gold amulet. once you finish a certain number of the levels, you'll be rewarded with one of two mini-games. one is a target range where you have to shoot a number of enemies within a certain time. the other is a strength test where ace must swing to hit a bell at the top of a pole.


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  • Nombre de ROMs : 2011
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